Wednesday, September 30, 2009

better, not perfect.

Warning: this post is not the funny-happy kind, so if you're feeling down, please don't read, it will only add to it :)

We had an awesome week(NOT!!!!) :) And it's not over yet - hurray...

Really, we had no idea things could sucks THIS much and people could be THIS...well, don't have a word for that :P

So we're trying to keep BURP "alive" in these days when everyone keeps telling us we're going thru a super-big crisis and things will get even worse. We're trying to focus on creating BURP kiddiez and on staying motivated. And we're trying to come up with new things that will make you happy - and make us happy in return, if you like them.

But things have gone from bad to worse lately. Collaborations seem to become awkward, money issues arise from each corner in the retail industry and people seem to be losing common sense in the process.

So we had this great week, as stated before :) Crazy meetings, bad news and sad people.

We could get sad, too. But instead, we feel this sudden energy rush that makes it all go away.
We feel like nothing can go wrong if you're doing things right.

We might be crazy, of course. But hey, if you're still a BURP friend, you probably agree with us.