Wednesday, September 30, 2009

the 80's are back this season...

...and that's good news for the Disco Cat, as she's living life to the max :)

You can see her sleeping on Miki's blouse, under the sun in Brasov.

Yes, she sleeps during daytime, so she can party all night long. We know some of you think that's horrible and you can't stand day-sleepers, but you see, Miki was so good to her and accepted the Disco Cat without asking her to change :)

If that isn't true friendship, we don't know what is.


MIKI said...

hey guys what's up...thank you so much for posting my pictures on your the way, i really like your site and it's too bad i'm not in Bucharest so i can go and see one of your vintage shows, but i have my sister Ioana to tell me all about it, right? what are sisters for? :) one more thing...i just now noticed my disco cat is sleeping, after i read your i'm glad she got to sleep under the warm autumn sun in Brasov...
many hugs from me and disco cat, my new friend...obviously :)

BURP said...

@MIKI: u are very sweet, just like your sis :*

have fun with your Disco Cat and we'll come to visit in Brasov :)