Thursday, July 9, 2009

training pocket pokemons.

She loves to get into trouble all the time. Especially soul-related trouble.

The HeartAche Cat is a rather strange character, if you ask us. If she doesn't have any problems, she invents them.

For her, it's impossible to just sit, look and see everything's fine :) Everything CANNOT be fine, so she says. That's why she spends most of her time crafting troubles for her & the ones around.

This way, she doesn't get bored. It's that simple...and that stupid :P


BiBiu said...

uuuu , I love it!

BURP said...

:) cat gone bad :P

alice said...

Super draguta! Mai este disponibila? Sau swinging to the moon..

BURP said...

@ alice: multumim :)

din pacate, aceste modele nu mai sunt disponibile, dar ne poti scrie un mail daca te intereseaza o curea BURP (