Wednesday, July 8, 2009

kiss the daffodils.

Pointy Ears was some kind of an outcast, if we might say so. Her mom was a cat, but she married "wrong", as everybody said - and chose a rabbit to be her husband.

So Pointy Ears has always been somewhere in between: both a cat AND a rabbit.

The kids at school didn't want to befriend her because she didn't fit in any category. She couldn't play with the rabbits because she couldn't jump as high as they did - and she hated fish, so the cats didn't take her to lunch either.

So she's always been the lonely type. Until one day, when she created herself a profile on a dating website - and got a message from a guy that was just like her: both rabbit and cat.

And you know the rest, they lived happily ever after, with their cat-rabbit kids :)