Thursday, June 25, 2009

with caution.

Last night we took some time off and joined NOPER and friends for a visual evening :)
Just look at him working hard for "nimic normal" at MTR :)

Of course, every great artist has a better half :) And Irina was there to prove it:

We also took a few BURP kiddiez with us, to "culturalize" the gang :)

And we couldn't wish for more than seeing old friends and lovely NOPER-style drawings :)

Oh, in fact, there was a little bit more :) The night went on with a stop over at Chocolat, for - well, chocolate cakes :D
Too yummy to resist, sorry!!!!

And then the BURP kiddiez decided not to sleep at all :)

We're still deciding if that was a good thing :P


Andreea Vaduva said...

Ha!The last photo is amazing , just like you're to sleepy after a way-too-cool-night.

And, of course I admire you wearing one of the burp belts. You look great!

BURP said...

hihi, the last pic was actually a mistake :) or maybe that's the kind of vision we had at that time of the night :P

Anonymous said...

suuuper...chocolat e locul meu preferat din bucuresti,m as muta acolo daca ar fi posibil:)
va pup,we placut,ioana

BURP said...

@ Ioana: da, stim sentimentul:) chocolat este delicieux :D

week-end frumos si tie :*