Thursday, June 25, 2009

les incroyables.

Haha, it's so funny!!!! It seems every single day we get to stumble upon a picture of people wearing something BURP :))

And that makes us incredibly happy, obviously <3<3<3<3>

Well, some of you might remember Sheep Audrey from here. At the time we made this tee, we were curious who would appreciate it :) You know, some people simply don't get some of our jokes :P

But hey, you might know Medina from Pret-a-Protester. And you might have noticed she's got a quirky-cool style, which obviously makes her the best candidate to wear a Tee like Sheep Audrey :)

Which actually happened :) She's got it - and we're really really happy this happened.

P.S.: We stole her pics from facebook. Hope she doesn't mind :)


pret-a-protester said...

hey burp-girlz. of course I don't mind ! I steal pictures all the time : ))))) kidding ! i really don't mind. it seems perfectly logical to me to post pictures with people wearing the cool stuffs you are crafting ! thank you for the nice words you said about my style. and yes, i do appreciate the audrey-idea; in fact i love it ! keep up the good work !

BURP said...

thanks again for getting it :) and for the pictures, too :*

Audrey is in good hands!! kissez & keep protesting :)