Friday, May 15, 2009

some time ago.

We got sentimental today when someone asked "how long have you been doing this"?

And we realized we've been doing "this" for some time now :P

What you see above is one of the first BURPmarks we've ever made: the Tape Worm Pig Dog :)

He lived at Carturesti for a few days, until he found a nice owner to love and drive crazy from time to time.
Anyway, he is one of our first characters @ BURP, back in 2007 (!!!!). Whoa, that's a long time ago :))

P.S.: no, we didn't get bored. Did u? :)



no way, kiddiez bur.. aaa.. brighten up my dayz :D

BURP said...

gracias :* you brighten their days, too :)