Friday, May 15, 2009

because we'll just have fun.

Getting ready for a b-day party this week-end, so we thought we'd post these pics with a funny kitschy cake we made for a friend when we were...let's say...younger :)

Hmmm, somebody really loved these reddish bugs - you know who you are :P

Anyway, this post is meant to be a little "thank you" to all our friends who visit this blog every day. Love you. Now go have fun this wk! :)


Deea said...

i loooove lady bugs tooooooo :P

Anonymous said...

La multi ani si toate bune! Sa cresteti mari-mari-mari si sa nu imbatraniti niciodata!

BURP said...

@Deea: yeah, they're lovely, right? :)

@bluelle: multumim mult, nu era ziua noastra, dar acceptam urarile oricand :) right back at u! pupici