Friday, May 1, 2009


Have you ever thought some women are like furniture? In there just to accomodate you and make you feel good - to serve you and satisfy your needs?

Well, the two drawings above are part of a new BURP story that's full of mind-blowing characters. They are the Furniture Girls - and above you can see CupBoard and Chair Girl.

For some flavor, we'll tell you that CupBoard is a crazy collector. She stores everything, from clothes to shoes to underwear - and still finds a little place to put love letters, old birthday cards and pressed flowers from all her boyfriends since she was 6 y.o.

Of course, nothing gets thrown away, so little Cuppy (as friends call her) gets bigger and bigger with time - both on the inside and on the outside :)

Chair Girl, on the other side, only collects butts :) Yep, that's right. She looks at every man's butt as if it was the first - and admires it through jeans, boxer shorts, swimsuits and so on. She misses no occasion to do it - and welcomes each opportunity with open arms. Literally :)

Obviously, a few guys do fall in her lap - and for some time they feel good, but then she starts talking and poor boys run everywhere, anywhere, just to stop listening to this gal.


Andreea Vaduva said...

ESTI GENIALA! sunt foarte tari fetele astea :) eu cred ca sunt prima :D

BURP said...

:)) da, multa lume se regaseste in ea :P