Wednesday, May 6, 2009

good news.

For some time, the BURP kiddiez have landed in The Kitchen. No, not that kitchen where you store pots and pans, but the one where you can find funky urban clothes & accessories.

Where they have lots of fashion spices for every taste. On
4 Smardan street, Lipscani area, that is.

Yep, they're in and they seem to be doing fine. Pay them a visit sometimes soon and who knows, maybe you'll find out the kitchen can be a very nice place, after all :)


Deea said...

baaaaai, sunteti super tari :)) am fost zilele trecute si la dada in plaza sa iau niste haine pt un shooting si mai erau doar cativa kiddiez. se duc mai ceva ca painea calda :P i'm happy 4 u. keep it up! pupiz

BURP said...

hehe :) tx
pai da, i-am dat spre adoptie, ca nu se mai putea :P