Thursday, May 7, 2009

and by the way, DON’T call at 7 A.M.!!

The Zexy Sheepies have already started their "beautification" routine, as summer is just around the corner. First of all, they need to get all the sleep in the world. That way, their lips will look plump, their hair will shine more and, of course,
their legs will be ready to party when the right moment comes.

They've also joined the gym and are now practising yoga with great precision, but they don't forget about getting a fake tan in time, so they won't get to the beach wearing their natural color, God forbid!

Anyway, the strange thing about them is that they're keen on wearing their bikinis all day long - they say this is a way of keeping in shape, because they'll see even the smallest amount of fat they gain.
Good thinking! :)