Wednesday, April 29, 2009

pancakes and coke.

Had an interesting conversation with this guy yesterday. He told me the stuff a clothes / accessories designer makes is crap, and that REAL ART is when you paint, sculpt or do something in this "classic" area :)

Besides telling him that his vision is somewhat narrow, I also said that we don't act like we're making art or anything. But we do stuff that makes people happy.

And if YOU like BURP, that's all we can ask for. I mean, people choose different ways of expressing themselves: some write, some paint, some drive their cars and so on :)
And we...BURP :D

I'm sure the Rabbithood Girls back me up on this. Right? :)



for you :)))

Andreea Vaduva said...

:)))) arta e pictuta, stiinta e fizica, literatura e beletristica, iar mancarea e paine :))) tare!

BURP said...

@ Kitten: tx. that's true ;)

@ Andreea: yep, asa s-ar zice :))