Friday, March 13, 2009

go to your window...

...and look, everything's just fine :)

The No Fashion Sense Mermaid needs no explanation. Her name says it all - she' a mess in any way that's possible.

But a beautiful mess, some would say. In fact, she rejects rules and regulations of any kind and only follows her own opinions.

For example, when she was young, they told her fashion is about wearing at most 3 colors - but did she care about that? No. Then, everybody told her mermaids can't be interested in shopping, their only job is to sing for sailors and swim for themselves. But did she care about that? No.

Now everybody keeps on saying she's too young and brash and she should follow in the steps of those who have more experience. But guess what - will she listen to them?

Hmmm...probably NOT! :)