Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Spring should be here...

...any day now :)

Or so we think... Anyways, remember the rubber boots we pimped a while ago for our friend Andreea? Well, we couldn't resist and bought another pair...for BURP usage :)

Yeah, because we're worth it :D
And seriously now, don't they match the Mina Ballerina T-shirt?
They'd make a perfect spring outfit...and we hear spring is gonna come real soon! Right? :)


cornelia said...

I want to be "Nelly Ballerina" in a pair of boots made by Burp too:(


At what cost can "me":P have a gift like that?

Tks a lot!


BURP said...

hi, Nelly :)

give us an email ( we'll talk about it :)