Tuesday, February 17, 2009

our readers...

...are cuter than theirs :)

Remember the BURP contest for Valentine's Day? Well, the following is the most wonderful - exciting - and super uber-duper-cool story we received. It was written by the lovely Anna Maria, who was one of the winners.
And the No. 1, if we can say so!
Read and you will see why :)

" My burp story begins exactly in the day I first bought a pair of burp earrings. It was just before Christmas when I went out shopping with my friends.We stopped at the fair in Dalles hall where I fell in love with the black sheepie earings and decided to buy them no matter what.

To get home I have to take the subway, so there I was sitting on the platform with my friends waiting for our train to come when I wanted to show my friends what I had bought as a Christmas present 4 my sister. I pulled the blouse from the bag and just like that the black sheepie earings flew away from my bag exactly on the train rail.

I was in shock and my friends just stared in wonder. They suggested I should jump for them and they would pull me back on the platform ( that would have been very stupid of us considering the fact that the subway runs on electric power J).

Luckily a woman warned us so I decided to go and ask the security guys if they could help me.

Meanwhile a train arrived, I was so scared, I thought the little ones would be squashed (disturbing image).i rushed to the security guy and when we arrived on the platform another guy was there with some sort of dust pan aiming for my babies.

We were all hoping 4 a miracle and SURPRISE!! Somehow he managed to pull them out of that dark place. I’ve never been more happier. These little guys have a mind of their own, I kinda used to think they rejected me, because when I wore them one evening the sheepie disappeared from my ear when I arrived home.

I was very disappointed but I decided I should at least look for it near my block of flats. So there I was in the dark looking for my dark-sheepie with the lantern of my phone.I got kinda far from my block but I kept on going when near a car I saw my prankish little friend. From that evening on I am very careful when I’m wearing my burp earrings. I don’t know how and under what circumstances you create these little guys but I know for sure they are very special. "

P.S.: We checked (3 sources and all :)) and this IS A TRUE STORY ! OMG! :)


Andreea Vaduva said...

Wow, she's so cute :">

On the other hand, have you ever thought that the Burp kiddiez are so naughty when they're out?Tz tz tz No wonder that it was the black sheep :)

BURP said...

Yep, we have information that all the BURP kiddiez behave badly after they leave the headquarters...not that they don't do it in our presence, as well :)

So we think there's nothing we can do about it. Good thinking, huh? :)