Sunday, February 1, 2009

it's time for...

...a little contest :)

We told you a contest was coming up here it is!
Would you like to win some BURP earrings from the "Sheepy Moods" collection? The Black, Glam, Porn, Disco, Shy and Sexy Sheep are ready to come to you!
Please email us ( a picture of you wearing something BURP and a little story of that outfit - and 6 of you will be the lucky owners of each of these guys above.
The contest ends on February 13 th (11:59 PM), right on time for Valentine's Day! You should know the Sheepies were trained to take you to a romantic dinner, bring home a sweet movie on DVD and bake cookies. Somehow, they are the perfect date buddies :D
Show your love for BURP and you'll be spending Valentine's Day with your favorite sheep :)