Wednesday, January 28, 2009

one step forward...

...two steps back
The Football Foxy was never the sporty type, but at some point in her life she fell in love with a football player and had to do something about it. And because this sport was his life, she thought it wouldn't hurt to share the passion with him. At least in theory, that is...
So she bought herself a pair of soccer shoes, some knee-high socks and went on the field. But of course she couldn't give up her make-up, nail polish or bead necklace. And hated it when they got muddy!
So she invented this thing so she'd never have to really play football, so she wouldn't ruin her look. Everytime the guys would start the game, she'd take one step forward and then two steps back...this way, she was always much closer to the bench than to the actual game zone.
Come on guys, can you say that's not a good "scheme"? :)