Wednesday, January 28, 2009

of course it was bound to happen...

...some day
The Bald Flyer wasn't always like that. No, he had a beautiful stack of hair on his pointy head. But that was a long time ago...when he didn't even think of flying. But at some point in his life, this little guy started contemplating the idea of being a pilot. He took some classes, became great and started to get all the attention. He even entered "The Pilot's Manual" - he got a spread with 2 black & white pictures!!!! :)
On the other side, his hair had to suffer a bit...
Everybody told him that the altitude would not do any good to his mane, but still, he wouldn't listen. So now, years later, he thinks he might have done the wrong thing for his hair, but he's surely done the right thing for his career.
So what would you have chosen? Personal beauty or "doing the greater good"? :)