Wednesday, November 12, 2008

what's up...

...what's new?

Well, we've been pretty busy these days, but we've missed you so here we are again :) We finally managed to bring some more accessories to the Ummagumma store today and we're happy to tell you they also have a new website! You can check it out here.
And below you can see some pics of the new breeds we brought into the shop today :)

The Fish in Love

Shy Bear

Smoking Cat


Mr. Pimples
Lazy Bee

Black JACK

Kinky Wasp

Aquamarine Cat


maimutica cu cercei said...

vreau si eu prima pe gri cu pestisor , cat mai e una?

BURP said...

@maimu: hey! OK, pretul e 45 RON, dar da-ne pls un mail cu dimensiunea dorita :)

maimutica cu cercei said...

ok o sa va trimit saptamana asta un mesaj ori pe mes ori pe mail multam