Thursday, November 6, 2008

do you... :)

Our friend Ioana was in a desperate situation: she had to go to a Yahoo! party. What's so desperate about this, you say? Well, not that, being invited to the party was the fun part :P
But here comes the desperate one: she had the dress, the shoes, the bag...but NOTHING to match them!!!! So she got us on speed-dial, told us about the case and said she won't be going to the party without a pair of earrings and a belt. you think we can live with such a thing on our minds? No way...we couldn't bear such responsibility! So we had to put the kiddiez 2 work and come up with the accessories. Don't have a pic of the belt, but you can see the Yahoo earrings above. Now we can rest, knowing everything will be just fine :)


Cineva care iubea hainele said...

Can't wait to see you again!!
Va asteptam cu fuste de bezea si acadele de pus in par :P