Wednesday, November 26, 2008

we couldn't keep the silence...

No, not anymore. This is WAY TOO MUCH. You know the election is coming up and not all candidates are errr...clean. In fact, some of them are too much! Do you think you've seen it all? I mean, come on, have you REALLY?

We're bringing up the case of a Mr. Vinny Lou. No, not your cousin Vinny, but he sure is somebody's cousin! In fact, he must have lots of cousins if he's got the money to run this campaign! Who do you think this Vinny Lou is? Have you heard about his dirty dirty business? The kiddiez have told us about his website - Vinny Lou - it's as simple as that. He sells stickers, wall decals and other seemingly "clean" stuff. And the money he makes thru this gets into supporting his campaign. Oh, really? This is something YOU people should think about when voting!

OK, we admit, we have a crush on Batmouse and Troski the Cat. But still ... STILL, this Vinny Lou guy is DANGEROUS and should be avoided no matter what! He's known to be a sweet talker and can convince anyone into voting him, so be careful!!