Saturday, November 1, 2008

creativity & planning... well together :)

And if you don't believe us, you can just watch the latest IQads TV piece and see we were right all along :) Nice interview, guys, but the thing we like most in it is Helen wearing that BURP tee (remember Spanish Eyes?) :) Yes, we know, we know, we love to kudos-ize our work, we love to write about it on every wall! You might say the kiddiez have a big ego - and they do. Oh, isn't it the coolest/prettiest/sweetest/cuuuuutest T-shirt ever? :)) Haha, kidding, guys. We're pretty modest, in fact :P
But it sure is nice to see people wearing BURP stuff. :*


R.R said...

well done well done

Anonymous said...

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Id mess/mail:
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Daca nu te intereseaza imi cer scuze ca te-am deranjat.
Sa avem bafta la trafic!