Friday, October 31, 2008

don't exaggerate...

...this Halloween!

For example, don't make the same mistake as these Pumpkin Kitties. You wanna know what they did? Well, OK...
You see, a few days ago we brought home a few pumpkins - to carve for Halloween, you know...and we left them in the kitchen. We thought they'd be safe. But we were sooo wrong!
This morning we found the kitties licking their paws and looking pretty orange. No need to say their natural color is GREY!!! No sign of a pumpkin, over-stuffed orange kitties...OK, that was a case for the vet!
Turns out the cats ate all the curcubitaceae in the kitchen and developed some kind of a strange rash all over their pretty bodies. But that might be just fine, as they now have a Halloween costume.
Which we don't - and it's pretty late! We're off to buy one. Have a happy Halloween, kids!