Tuesday, August 26, 2008

have some fun, get some work done... :)

She ate too much. Then drank (gin) to wash it off. Meet Throw-Up Girl.

Little Japy is never happy. Her hair is too big, her feet are too small...you know, the usual stuff. So she'd be crying.

Full of himself and full of feathers. Nothing's better than the Kinky Peacock - if you can handle hot airs, of course.

Bored by the swim up/swim down the river routine, the Twisted Fish became a yoga practitioner - and trust us, nobody's cooler than him!

Aaaah...and the Butterfly Owl! Isn't she a lovely critture? One day, she looked at herself in the lake and got scared: she was brown with gray spots! Horrible, I tell you - even more than horrible to a fashionista like herself. And well, she started to pay regular visits to the beauty saloon, where she spends her money on colorful strands for each and every feather on her cute lil' body.

Today was a day of leisure: old friends, long walks, good times and time-shredding :)

But let's not forget about work :) Haha, kidding...we TOTALLY forgot about anything that even resembles work. Anyway, we made some new stuff - but that's fun, not work, so we can talk about that for hours and hours. I'll try to keep it short, though :)
What you see above is part of the latest BURP collection for the coming season - don't you just feel autumn knocking on the door? :)
Well, we're developing on the EGOCENTRIX idea - it's a line of "single earrings" - that's why they're called egocentrix, 'cause they love themselves soooo much they can't share love, appreciation or even a master with anyone else :)
Please be kind and tell us your opinion - like them, would wear them, kiss, diss - you know the story :)

P.S.: the guys above wanted to take advantage of the last summer days and ran off to Constanta, Atelier ASA (Mamaia Blvd, 190) the day after they were born. Ugh, these kids...



heeei my egocentrix has a family! he'd be happy to see they found a home, cause she's quite happy here (getting along well with my cat and all).

simplyme said...

i am definitely in, being an egocentrix myself :)))