Monday, July 28, 2008

BURP just got back...

...from the radio :)

It surely was a nice interview. And let us tell you why. We got to meet some very interesting people, we ate delicious cookies from Fursecul Mecanic and we were "ON AIR" for the first time. We talked about what BURP is, about who's buying our stuff, about the cool things that happen at My Grandma's Backyard and about the wonderful people that responded to Ada's idea in order to help Ana-Alesia. Because Ada invited us to the radio. Thank you! It really felt good.


Ada Demirgian said...

A zis Irina:
Tati, tati, am primit o fetita, dar sa stii ca are ac:)
It was very nice having you there. Please come again:)

BURP said...

hihi :) funny domnisoara Firicel...ah, I mean Irina :)
si noua ne-a placut. multumim inca o data si mai venim sigur :D