Thursday, April 17, 2008


...le malade imaginaire


With Easter being so close, all the lambs in the BURP office suddenly became "sick". You know, they just don't wanna...err...become F O O D. So they began to invoke headaches, stomach pains, dizziness and many other things. See Little Sick Boy above, chewing on his thermometer and being "feverish".
"A super-sick herd?", we thought. "It's kinda' strange...".
So we got them a nurse. Sheep Nurse.

"Well, now, you're not sick at all!", Sheep Nurse remarked, looking at the Little Sick Boy. Then she took the others one by one and put them on the go, as they were completely healthy. See? You can't play tricks on Sheep Nurse! And btw, little kiddiez, did you REALLY think we'd use our BURP lambs for Easter cooking?


Daiane said...

Cute kiddiez! I'm coming at grandma's guess I'll see you all there? ;)

BURP said...

yep, no doubt about it :)
the kiddiez will happy to see you again!

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