Tuesday, April 15, 2008

even good friends can sometimes...


...be less than good
We know that's some crazy news, but hey, this is life. Seriously now, here's an example, so you'll know what I'm talking about.
The Little Pig Who Smoked Pot and Model Cat have known each other for sooo long. Let's say...8 years. And they were best friends all the way. Until one day, when Model Cat decided not to speak to her pal again.
LPWSP didn't know why the Cat got upset, so he tried to find out. But the Cat wouln't speak to him anymore. Thing is, the Pig knew he had a big mouth and annoyed his friend by always buzzing around and speaking and being hype - but that was his personality, so he couldn't change. But anyway, Model Cat wouldn't change her mind.
That's when the Pig started smoking pot. He thought a little "green" help would be useful and maybe lead him in the direction where he could find some truths about the Universe - and his friendship with Model Cat, of course.
But do you think it worked?
Later edit: Our friend Ana called Model Cat "kinky and funny", plus she promised to only give her water for breakfast, lunch and dinner. So I guess the Model is hers :)