Monday, January 28, 2008

keep your head... the clouds

Did you know that clouds come in many forms? Oh, they're all so different and so interesting, but today we'll just talk about the Freres Nuages and the Bubbly Colors. Why them? Because these are the two types of clouds our good friend Andreea encountered on her way to Denmark. Yes, she flew all the way to Denmark - she bought a plane ticket and all, but everybody knows her magic butterfly earrings were in fact the ones that did all the hard work.


bono said...

norii si-au gasit posesor? sunt asa de frumosi incat nu m-ar deranja prea tare daca as fi cu capu printre noi mai mereu.. :)

BURP said...

hmmm...Sa stii ca au fost cam amaratzi in ultima vreme, noi am tot incercat sa ii cuplam, dar nu voiai si pace! Cred ca stiau ei ce stiau :)
daca ii vrei, sunt ai tai. Scrie pe sa vb detalii.