Sunday, January 27, 2008

can we...

...quote you, Mr. President?
The BURP quarters have just gone through the toughest selection process ever. Or should we call it "election process"? Well, thing is, the coolest BURP kid had to be selected by his peers - in order to become President of The Gang. That's a new title that we're giving in order to create an almost formal informal decision group. But hey, these fancy-schmancy details that probably don't hold any interest to you at all.
The idea is that one of the kiddies was in fact elected POTG - and he's really really happy! This is the smartest kid ever - and he's got plenty to say. Always a great talker, if we might say so. He's so philosophical and cool, we'd love to quote him from time to time! So that's how you'll know - every time we say something smart, it's not us, but Mr. President! :)