Tuesday, December 25, 2007

'tis the season...

In the beginning, making the announcement:
"Hello, everybody! And welcome to the annual reindeer shooting!"

After a shot, lying on the ground: "Oh, I see the clouds...they're so beautiful...and blue..."

...to be jolly (and test your firing skillz)
Nobody said it was easy being a reindeer. You have to pull Santa's sledge, get cold toes and announce the opening of the hunting season - when YOU are the target. But still, it's just a game of paintball, so don't sweat too much. And anyhow, it's good for the muscles - reindeers need to get strong legs, don't they?
We hope you had a great X-mas and got many presents! If not, well, you just have to wait 'till next year, 'cause the guys (Santa and the reindeer gang) have already started drinking the traditional grog. And who knows when they'll wake up from the orgy?