Friday, December 21, 2007

he flew...

...all the way to Romania

The Peruvian Butterfly decided to embark on the adventure of his life, so he thought he'd pack his bags and leave to a new, strange and exciting country. And...he came to Romania :)
He likes most of the things here, especially the holidays. He says the people here are really happy and they love to party. The only thing that upsets him a little bit is the bureaucracy and he's had some problems with the postal office. He wrote a few letters to his llama friends back home, but they didn't get there. So that's why we decided to send them this digital "hello" from him.


diana said...

brilliant work!! i love every single little animal that came out of your creative hands- and minds :) where can i find all this stuff?

BURP said...

wow, thanks! **blush**
Your comment reaaaally works as the best BURP X-mas present! :)

Where can you find our stuf? Well, for starters, in a few shops in Bucharest:

- Carturesti Bookstores (Magheru Blvd or Edgar Quinet 9);
- Zebra Society (Calea Victoriei 122);
- Hippie Hippie Shake (Piata Amzei or Calea Victoriei);
- Fado Design (Ion Campineanu 3).

diana said...

yup, thanks :) i got some nice bookmarks for gifts and a pair of the cutest monster earrings for myself :) merry xmas and keep on making, enchanting, burping, and nevergrowuping!

BURP said...

wow, already? :)
we hope they'll be well received :) merry xmas 2 u 2 and...nevergrowup as well ;)