Wednesday, November 14, 2007

a special report...

...from the Little Red Riding Hood
On her daily rounds through the forest, you can imagine LRRH's got enough time to learn by heart the positioning of every little plant in the forest. That's why she feels safe enough to walk with her eyes closed from time to time.
But whatta bummer! Late night yesterday, she did this "blind walk" of hers and...BAM!!!!!!!!!!! She instantly saw a big bump growing on her forehead.
"What the !@#^*))%@)+_!@#&?", she asked. (Yep, she's started to have this awkwardly unpolite vocabulary lately...)
So when she looked it was! The most beautiful little tree ever, the 64-49! "The eco-friendly people did it again!", thought LRRH. Yes, they planted yet another tree. And what a pleasure for the eyes it is!