Wednesday, November 14, 2007

is there anything cuter than...

...this Vienese Princess Kitty?
This is a present for Andreea and Marius - in fact, for Andreea's sister. Of course, Princess Kitty was supposed to arrive to the location 2 weeks ago, but here's her story. She's got a good reason for being late (unlike other people we know :) ).
Well, P.K. left her royal headquarters in time, but just as she was preparing to jump in her comfy Rolls Royce, a grey muddy mouse halted her. In a very low voice, he started complaining about his family's life and the poor conditions they're in. As P.K. is renowned for her good heart, she took some money and food and decided to follow him home and offer the gift to his family. But when they reached the sewers, a gang of wild mice came out and stole everything, pushing her down the sewers. The mouse proved to be the head of the gang, so P.K. started crying about how fool she'd been. So she spent an entire week in the horrible underground, until a royal rescue team discovered her and helped her come up again.
Now, Princess Kitty has taken a well-deserved bath and recuperated her golden crown, now clean and shiny once again.
So soon, very soon, she'll be ready to go with Andreea's sister as her birthday present. All's well that ends well, right?