Sunday, October 21, 2007

this is...

...what being a diva's all about
DeeVah Giraffe was just spotted strolling around the Mall in Bucharest. She was obviously escorted by her always-there bodyguards (isn't this trend starting to fade or smth?) and she was throwing cash all over the place.

Of course she tried to seem bothered by people taking her picture, but in the end she decided to give us a short interview. We know it's not much, but any word of hers is like rain in the desert for us: "Uhmmm...yes, I'm wearing Praga heels and a Louisss Piton handbag, and I've just heard that fake lashes make your eyes sexier, so I bought 1000 pairs...not that my eyes aren't sexy anyways, but as you all knows, too sexy is never bad".
Wow, that's what makes her such a character!

P.S.: Kids, please don't drop school, if you don't want to be like that!!!!