Wednesday, August 29, 2007

when Nico & Vio meet up for a coffee...'s like Renaissance all over again!
One day morning, these two talented artists created the masterpiece you can see above, perfectly called "CANNABIS LOVERS". As you can see (but I like to point it out again, like the art critic that I am :P), Feathered Hat Lady said "yes" to Long Nose, but she told him they can only marry if he stocks up on cannabis leaves, which are her favourite and she needs to chew at least one per day during their honeymoon. What do you think he did? Got the leaves, of course!!! Because he loves her. And that's what people in love do!!!!
And they lived happily ever after :)
P.S.: Kids, don't smoke! Really, don't!


Iulian said...

Feathered Hat Lady is sporting such a charming smile! And her pretender is so Elton John meets The Geography Teacher! Although their union is official (they got married at the Anglican Church, right?) the cannabis thingie makes it an illegal love. That's romanticism!

bulina said...

oh, yes! Of course they got married at the Anglican Church. He's pretty old-fashioned when it comes to stuff like that and didn't accept her invitation to go out on a club date and ask the DJ to be the priest for them. But as you've mentioned, they're hopeless romantics...and like to listen to the leaves moving in the wind at night...