Wednesday, August 29, 2007


...but bad

One early September day out in the city. Walking and talking, no cares and pretty much no money. The good moments of life, as some might say. But not for everybody. When the girl looked ahead, she saw something on a pavement, sparkling in the sun. She run towards it and as she got closer, she noticed it was a beautiful flower that looked sad and lonely. She picked it up, thinking she would do a good deed. But the flower bit her finger and grinned. "What the...?", Madge thought. But the flower bit her again. There was no way one could have touched it without being in danger of losing a limb. So Madge left her there on the pavement, thinking she couldn't do her good deed for the day, although she wanted to. And Mad Flower remained on the pavement, thinking she had yet another victim to add to her little black book.


Anonymous said...

The Tin Man might appease this booby trap flower i think!
Thanks ever so much for the six lines of happy birthday-ing, we are not worthy (*bowing gracefully).
As for the present issue, you guys are ever so kind. What about a blind date around zebra society one day?

burp said...

Oh, thank you for the tip! Our account person is now trying to get mr. Tin Man on the line, in order to discuss the "issue".
So you're proposing a blind date...OK, that's what we live for! Let me talk to the pets and we'll probably meet sometimes next week. Sounds ok?