Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Pirates Ltd.

Aye mate!

Pirates have taken over Brooch Land! Little Miss Sunshine and all the other girls have been taken hostage, but we’re expecting the Bear Troops to jump in and save them any minute now.
Meanwhile, Captain Meow is treating himself to the best food and drinks in the Land and stealing everything…This has to change! Word is that the Bears are quickly approaching and they’re ready to fight Captain Meow. We’re wishing them luck, but they will need a good strategy, as we hear that Captain Meow’s powers reside in his only good eye – a magical instrument indeed. Captain Meow never closes this eye, not even when sleeping, so he is never in danger of being attacked. Only by fooling the eye and forcing it to close can Captain Meow be defeated. The story says that other eye was taken out in a fight, 2000 years ago. Captain Meow was almost killed - badly wounded as he was already living his 9th life. But a good fairy of the woods helped him and offered him this magical eye, so that he would never be in danger again.