Wednesday, April 18, 2007

I believe I can fly...

ocean's 1

saharian buzz

These are the adventures of the Wandering Bug.

Born in the Misty Realm as the youngest son of the King NightFly and Queen Bee, the WA just couldn't stand to live there anymore and, at the age of 5 (the maturity level for Bugs, equivalent to 18 y.0. for humans), took off to sunnier places. A paparazzo followed him everywhere, because a public figure that sets on an advernture of this magntitude has to permanently be observed.

But the paparazzo couldn't keep up with the active Bug and only followed him in 2 locations. Above you have pictures of him flying the Atlantic Ocean and resting in the Desert of Sahara.
After completing his world-wide journey in a month's time, the Wandering Bug returned home and was declared national hero.
Too bad he smashed his face on the windshield of a car while going to an interview about his adventure.