Wednesday, April 25, 2007

back to school

Hindu Rabbit

Pirate Bear

Rabbit of Love

Bear Girl

Bear Girl, Rabbit of Love, Pirate Bear and Hindu Rabbit all decided they needed a bit of an upgrade, so they took their backpacks and left for school. But enrolling is never easy, so they had to pass different tests in order to prove they are capable of going to school with kids their age. Eventually, they were accepted (thanks to Hindu Rabbit, who put all his powers to work and helped his friends pass the admission tests).

Now you can find them in class, taking turns on sharing the same notebook, because they really can't afford more than one.

They are really really smart and make up a new species, called B.B. - that's "Brainy Brooches". Their effect on wearers hasn't been tested yet, but we expect an instant dose of smartness (for short term treatment) and a real upgrade of 2-3 intelligence points/day for prolonged usage.

As for side effects, people who wear the Brainy Brooches can appear smarter than they really are, which can greatly influence the societal rhythm.