Wednesday, April 25, 2007


very sexxxy...

get some coke in here!

i can see yoooou...sniff, sniff!

Don't think nasty stuff! These are just a few creative sketches made by Nico a few days ago. She imagined different animals at play, but there's more to these 4 characters than meets the eye. By using just a bit of our Freudian knowledge, we can observe that all these drawings have a common denominator: FOOD.

Thus, our first premise is that Nico was hungry when she did these. How do we back this up? Well, please notice that we have 3 food options and 1 eater. The food courses are: snails (hmmm, tasty!), Coke and the deranged apple. The eater is the bear-like creature with a black eye. Any more arguments to support this thesis?

Yes, of course. The two snails create a pair (masculine + feminine), and a pair is always better than a single one - because it means MORE FOOD! Moreover, the subliminal Coca-Cola logo shows the need of a refreshment after such a copious meal. The rotten-apple-with-a-long-nose is then the dessert, that is welcome as a round-up for the whole culinary experience.

And now, the eater. This hungry bear represents Nico's stomach before lunch - it is blinded by hunger and also has a big, watery mouth, ready to ingurgitate any food coming its way.

See how many things we can find out about somebody just by looking at their artwork? :)