Wednesday, February 28, 2007

the victim

This is the Poodle. Some call it Poo (and it's not a friendly nickname) and others turn their faces away when they see it. In fact, it's not an "it", but a "she". Poo is a poor little dog that hasn't done any harm to anybody.

But everybody hates her. They call her names and they reject her. Does she deserve that just because she is pink and resembles Paris Hilton a bit? Just because she loves wearing ribbons and doing her hair (notice the turquoise-dye on her tail - we hear it's the latest trend!!!!!!!!!!!)? Just because she's looking for a master that is as girlish and soooperficial as her?

We think not! And that's why today we've started the "save the Poodle" campaign. If you know anyone who might want her (or if YOU want her), please send us an email. She'll be ready and packed in a glance. Absolute discretion guaranteed.

P.S.: Please note that she cannot stand anything less than a crystal-embellished poo-place and forest fruit icecream, once a day.