Thursday, February 15, 2007

three in a row

friendship is this season's must-have!

Today we're giving you The Office Bear, The Pink-Eye-Pouch Tortoise and the Crazy Butterfly.

The Tortoise is the oldest of them (a few weeks old), while the others are just babies - one day of age at most! Still, as you can see, they are very good friends and like to play together in the office.

Pink Pouch is kinda giving sexual hints to Office Bear, but I don't think he's really noticing. At the same time, the Butterfly is so free and careless, waiting for tonight to have a good fly and some fun.

Which one do you like best? We're really curious and waiting for feedback.


Costin Radu said...

the bear with the tie is genius!!! the rest are pretty cool too. you should do something with them.

bulina said...

Thanks :)
We're glad you like them - and, yes, I agree, the "tied" bear truly falls into the "sheer genius" category :)
It was inspired by my very cute boyfriend (which also gave me a helping hand in making this brooch), so you can imagine why I like it a lot:)
As for your advice on "doing something with them", we are. They make our friends' clothes more beautiful and our life much more enjoyable :)