Friday, January 8, 2010

snow white reloaded.

Today (actually, yesterday, as it's past midnight, bedtime and everything else normal :P) we took the kiddiez to a theatre play. The extended family, actually, as Andreea & Goss also joined us.

The play is calld HIGH HEELS and it took place in an unconventional setting, @ The Kitchen Skateshop. We realized a few things last night at that play - and afterwards, at the long tea party :)

First of all, we really nevergrowup. That's it. We had to elongate our necks and even jump from our seats from time to time, in order to see what was happening "on stage" :)

Secondly, the play was not really that philosophical, but made us think a little. We totally needed to get a message out of it, and it was something like nothing's-ever-perfect-but-you-still-get-to-get-high-and-be-happy-for-a-while-until-you-realize-it. Of course, after a good dose of sugar-coated cakes, we changed it to you-totally-get-to-choose-what-you-live-and-if-you-choose-something-then-you-should-be-happy-cause-it-was-your-choice-after-all.

Yep, sugar makes us visibly more talkative, even in writing :))

All in all, if you saw the play, share your thoughts with us. And even if you didn't, what do you think: do you still believe in the happy ever after thing at the end of every story or is it just bulls*it for kids? :)

It seems adults don't like their stories to end well. Why is that?

P.S.: Snow White above came back for an answer to this question, that's why she's here again.



salutari si imbratisari calduroase lui Goss!