Friday, December 11, 2009

paper hats every now and then.

Today, the BURP kiddiez realized they've been offline way too long :)
Work, you know the story. But we're back :) Still working, though.

Anyway, we're thinking of asking you guys a question - and offering a prize to the loveliest of answers. You'll get a Santa Special after X-mas gift if you tell us about...your city :D

The idea is that we're getting used to living in cities that don't really represent us anymore - or never have, in places that are just a big pile of things we don't really like/understand or care for. So that's why people rush on the streets, swear and shout at each other, push you and step on your feet, look like they're running to some place they hate and dread the thought of looking up and smiling around.

So we're thinking that everybody has an image of the perfect city in mind - how does it look? What's its name? Where can we find it? We're hoping you'll be able to tell us - leave a comment below and...who knows? Maybe you'll win :)

Best of luck XOXO
Comments are welcome until the 1st of January 2010 :)


A Dreamer said...

My all time favourite city in the whole world is Venice.
It may sound like a cliche, but for me it was love ar first sight:)!
Everything about Venice is magical!
You can live there without caring you'll be criticised (cause you won't, you can walk in underwear if you please:D).
You can feel so peaceful inside&outside, it's a sweet strange atmosphere that surrounds your state of mind.
You can fall(deeper) in love there without a doubt!:)
You can see people from 12 to 70 years with a high sense of fashion.
You can also see cute puppies dressed with style:)!

If I would have enough money, I would retire myself there, till I'll get old..

PS: I hope I didn't bored you, I guess I'm always a bit melancholic in my way of writing things.
PS2: Here are 3 photos that represent Venice the best:


PS3: Hope you'll enjoy it as much as I did!

BURP said...

@ the Dreamer :) You're right, Venice is a great city. We <3 it too.

@Everybody: Imaginary cities also apply :) Can't wait to "hear" from you :*

ioana said...

Hihi...orasul meu perfect il stiti cred, este langa toate motivele pe care le poti gasi in orice ghid turistic (nu le mai insir aici,le stiti din poze) mai am unul care le bate pe toate :) acolo locuieste the love of my life :)
va pup,Ioana


There are no sounds in this city of mine. There is music in my ears, but no sounds.
There is no movement in this city of mine. Its heart beats so alive, but everything can stand still at will.
There are no buildings in this city of mine, though I have visited so many rooms.
There is no blue and red, no black and white in this city of mine. Velvet replaced the notion of colors.

Anonymous said...

my perfect city :
-has lots of dark green plants and spring green lawns.trees welcomed , too
-clear blue sky - mandatory
-nice neighbours.oh wait.all your neighbours are your close friends
-cats :)
-no cars,no trams,no railways
-no fake-vuitton-pitzies
-it never wanna makes you wanna leave
-has no ATMs,but youaaaaaaaaaaaaalways have money(how's that possible?!)

this would be my perfect city.because there's no such thing in real life.sad,but true.

Razvan said...

I used to have a lot of papaer hats when i was little.

BURP said...

@Ioana: yep, il stiam, dar nu strica sa ne reamintim ce frumos e in Londra :)

BURP said...

@Kitten: romantic mood? :)

BURP said...

@Anonymous: nice city, maybe there is a real one to fit the description though :)

And Anonymous, please send us a name/email address.

BURP said...

@Razvan: they're not bad when you're older, either :)


at-peace-with-the-world mood :D

BURP said...

@Kitten: that's nice :)