Sunday, December 20, 2009

crittures of comfort.

Whenever the holidays are approaching, one gets to see a lot of people running around and creating panic & chaos. "I HAVE to get X a present", "Where the hell can I find that book for Y?", "One more to go and I can go home and relax for a while" - this is what we get to hear when people tick friends & family off the list.

When did Christmas become a must-do-have to-need-to thing? Is it because we're all grown-up now? Remember when you were a kid? It was REALLY COOL. When the first snow came, the only thing you HAD TO do was bundle up and go play. For a really long time. Even longer. Yes, longer than that, too. Pretty much until Santa came down the chimney and made you one happy kiddo.

So what has changed? Why do we get grumpy and frowny and stressed nowadays? We don't HAVE TO do anything - except the things we love to do. So yes, making presents is a wonderful thing. But it should be seen as such, not as an obligation of some sort.

That being said, don't worry because you've only got a few days 'till Christmas and you haven't bought any presents. Don't empty the shelves and your pockets just because "X only gets expensive gifts". And don't push people on the street in order to be the first one that gets into that store.

Be calm, be happy and the perfect gift will show itself to you. Enjoy the process, as they say. The result will obviously be extraordinary.


Andreea Vaduva said...

Well, i love buying presents. But this year will be different. Everybody will receive candies. I've read a book, hidden in a dark corner of my mind, where it was said that candies have magical powers over people. They make them unconsciously happy :)

PS: Along with nut cake ;)

BURP said...

@Andreea: yep, they do make people happy. We've also conducted our own research on the matter - and I can tell you it's 100% true :)

ioana said...

yummmmy :)) my thoughts exactly :))
i'm a sucker for candies :) and home made cakes :) also,this year got an early Christmas present (the AngelGirl from BURP) which I really love;)

Anonymous said...

i love presents both as a kid and as a grown-up. actually i like christmas more now than back then because now i can give gifts more than then.just i've been lacking the mood to do it this year.
not sure why though.

BURP said...

@Ioana: BURP happy u like the Angel Girl :) Kisses (& candies for everyone :))

BURP said...

@bluelle: well, you've still got time to find that X-mas mood and enjoy it :)