Monday, November 16, 2009

put on the funny suit and start.

Everybody knows at least one Joker Sheep. He's that character that always makes fun of himself and others - and makes people laugh out loud.

The Joker Sheep is essential for his friends' sanity, because he offers them free fun. Of course he actually gets something in exchange - the recognition of his humorous personality is what keeps this Sheep alive :)

If you haven't met him yet, go to a birthday party: he'll be stripping down on some table and drinking way more than he can hold in - not necessarily in this order :)

Or if you attend a wedding, you only need to look on the dance floor: he'll be shakin' and breakin' over there for the whole time, even when the others are long over it.

And if you ever feel down and go out with your friends, just notice that while most of them are feeling bad for you (or thinking they're not that OK either), the Sheep will be mixing drinks and cracking jokes until you all start forgetting the serious issues.

Well, the question is: does the Joker Sheep have a life of his own, or is he there just for his audience?