Saturday, November 28, 2009

on days like these.

The BURP kiddiez have their hands full at this moment, so they asked us to write a little in here. Just to let you know they're still around :)

So, we've been working a lot lately, today seemed like a week 'cause we got so many things done. But days like these are good sometimes, even if it's just for that feeling of accomplishment you get when you think about them. But of course there's always something else that can be done, a better way to do it etc... You probably know what I'm saying. Might be so because we always "wake up" at the last minute, or maybe we always think of something more we can do. Still have to clear that up :)

But so you know, we'll be opening a little BURP house at the Dalles Christmas fair that starts on Monday. It's still in the works, but we've got tomorrow to make everything perfect. Soon we'll post pictures - and hope you'll come by to visit us & the kiddiez.

Nighty night, said the Panic Dog :)