Wednesday, November 4, 2009

so much for love.

Although these days everybody's preoccupied with serious matters - you know them, no need for us to remind you - we are kinda superficial, as always :)
But we've got some serious issues to ask you, too :) So, if you're in the mood for solving puzzles, please think about this one :D

So today's question is: why doesn't Disney's Pluto speak?

All we know is that Pluto is a dog - Mickey's pet, right? But Goofy is a dog, too. And he's nobody's pet. The next difference - Goofy SPEAKS, why Pluto doesn't. Why is that? Don't you think this is really an important question, something we totally need to find out? :)
So...please, if you can solve this mystery, please tell us.

Oh, forgot about that: you know, the only words Pluto's ever spoken are "KISS ME". Well, come to think about it, maybe that's enough :)
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