Sunday, October 4, 2009

sprinkle some love on those donuts, while you're at it.

We just wanted to send out a big "LOVE YA" message out there, in the BURP universe :)

You might think this is so out of the blue, but it's not, really...we are happy because you guys come here and read our blog posts, comment and give us good vibes. And we're happy because we've got great frrrriends that come shopping with us, plan "movie dates" and enjoy going crazy from time to time.

Oh, and don't think we forgot to say "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" to Ancutz - we just like suspense :)

So there you go, have a great week. The Astrology Bunny says you will, she somehow "read" it in your birth chart, right below the position of the constellations or something :) Don't try to understand, just accept it - she always gets it right :P