Tuesday, October 27, 2009

good to remember.

Tomorrow is My Grandma's Backyard's 2nd anniversary and of course a "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" is in order.
You know how they say you never forget your first...fashion fair :)

And MGB was the first uber-cool fashion fair in Romania, if we are to consider the fact that - compared to its "offsprings" - it had a concept and it always felt like somebody worked really hard to put on the show.

You might say that nothing's perfect - and this is melancholy speaking :)) - well, obviously, but after attending more than many fashion events, fairs and so on, we can tell the difference :)

MGB had that vibe. And we have a lot of memories to share from the editions we took part at - and even more pictures :) So yes, we're a bit melancholic, too.

So we posted them rather randomly, because all the bits and pieces make up the story. You can see we had cake, we had fun, we made friends and even danced in the rain. For real.

And a lot of other things happened in the meantime, too.

So MGB feels a bit older than 2 y.o., it seems like it's been here since forever :)

Don't you feel the same?


moi non plus said...

yeh, indeed, good to remember...and there is me me me (the last but not the least)

BURP said...

hihi yep, nice 2 "see" you again :)